Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obtain Cheap Health Insurance Quotes Online

The best method of finding cheap health insurance quotes is through the internet. If one is searching for cheap quotes, the internet is the answer to that problem. There are many sites that deal with premium quotes. A customer can visit any site and find the type of quotes required. The online sites belong to the brokers who assist the customers to obtain the reliable and dependable companies. The brokers make it easy and fast when finding the insurance companies. They are reliable brokers because they only deal with insurance companies that have good reputations.
There are useful online websites that act as brokers for insurance companies. The process of comparing insurance quotes has been simplified due to the presence of online sites. Nowadays, it is easy to make comparisons of the insurance quotes since guides are available to assist customers. They provide customers with affordable insurance from firms with a good reputation. The entire process is done online while sitting at home taking a cup of tea. There is no need of moving or walking to the insurance companies. Online services have enabled everyone to access the insurance services from anywhere as long as there is the availability of computers and internet connection.
The websites are useful to customers in budgeting for the insurance services. By use of a free health insurance quote, customers can save a significant amount of money by use of these brokers. After getting a convenient insurance company, there is a possibility of a good budget and save money for other expenditures. This is your chance to take a step and get insurance cover against your health problems in the future.
It is easy to search for free quotes online since no hassling. People may wonder about the process of getting online free health insurance quote. It is as simple as typing the word free quotes and the search engine provides all the information. The search engine is reliable since it simplifies the task of finding health insurance companies. The insurance companies will first be displayed starting with the top companies. The online brokers assist in finding the cheap health insurance quotes that fit in ones budget. The websites are not only useful in finding cheap insurance services but also they assist in getting quality services. There is a need to make a comparison of the health quotes before settling for one. This will assist in making the best choice of insurance company.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can I Get Medicare Before I Turn 65?

Medicare is intended to be a safety net for older Americans' medical needs. As people get older, they are more likely to have an expensive medical cost or procedure. Since insurance is priced based on risk, older people always paid much more for their insurance. At some point they get priced out of the market. For this reason Medicare is the insurance plan created for Americans once they reach the age of 65. In fact, no American can get another plan other than Medicare once they turn 65 because there are no private plans available domestically. Some people can get Medicare before turning 65. If you are on social security disability then you can qualify for Medicare benefits even before reaching the appropriate age.
The process to get onto social security disability benefits can take a long time to complete. The minimum that it generally takes to get on disability is two years under normal circumstances. If you are in a position that you just can no longer afford the premiums for the insurance, social security disability benefits is a solution, but it will not be a quick solution. To qualify you will need to meet several different criteria concerning your ability to work. Can you work any job? Can you work the job you are trained in? Will you be able to recover and go back to work the job the way you were before you were disabled. The social security office will be able to walk you through this process. If you have a difficult case, however, it is advisable to get an attorney to represent you and take you through the process.
Other than social security disability there are very few ways to claim your Medicare benefits before you turn 65. The first day of the month that you turn 65 you will be eligible for your benefits. However if you have difficulty paying for your medical benefits until Medicare starts there are some affordable solutions. These solutions are not for everyone. You could get a full major medical plan with co payments for doctor visits and prescription drugs, but that could be just as expensive as the plan that you currently have. Those plans also can be difficult to qualify for if you have medical issues. If you just need major medical coverage in the event that something catastrophic happens, you can do like many Americans do and purchase short term or temporary health insurance to cover for major incidents while waiting for the Medicare to start. These plans are great to bridge the gap between your current insurance and Medicare.
If you are not 65 and you are not on social security disability, consider a quote for short term health insurance to save money and cover any catastrophic issues the way any more expensive plan would.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Graduates Need Short Term Medical Insurance

When you graduate from college it is an exciting time. You have learned a lot from school and life. You will be moving away from friends you have made and defining yourselves based on your career choices. One thing that people often overlook is their medical insurance. Yes the new PPACA has allowed students to stay on their parents' policies until they are 26 whether or not they are in college. However you may be wasting your money on benefits you won't need if you keep the coverage that you had while you were on your parents' policy.
The policy graduates have been on usually are plans that their parents' employers pick out. The parent is happy with the plan because the employer pays most of the cost of the premium each month. These plans usually have great benefits because the owner of the company gets the same benefits as everyone else. These plans also fall into a category of plans that is tax deductible. So the premium that they pay for a policy through an employer is tax deductible for the employer, but not the employee.
These plans have great benefits and are great if someone else pays for the bill. The problem is that when you add dependents such as children or spouses, the employer no longer pays 100% of those costs like they used to. They may pay a portion of the dependent benefits. But often these days the employer only offers the option for the employee to purchase the plans with the entire cost paid by the employee. This can still be a good deal if you have chronic medical conditions or many dependents to be covered. But if you only have one dependent to cover who is generally healthy, there are likely better options for coverage.
Many people opt for catastrophic coverage to bridge the gap between graduation and their first job with benefits. Such plans are known as short term health insurance plans. These plans are simple issue and coverage can begin as early as midnight of the night you apply. The underwriting is a bunch of medical questions that you answer yes or no to according to whether or not you have the issues. Since they do not look at medical records other than what you answer on the application, the process is simple. The savings can be huge though. Some people maintain their catastrophic coverage with a low deductible and save several hundred dollars each month. Short term health insurance plans are great for people between jobs or waiting for benefits to start. If you are graduating it is a great time to consider your alternative options to maintain great coverage at a much lower cost.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) Cuts Agents Referral Program

As part of the health care reform law, the government implemented a high risk pool called Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan, or known as PCIP. It was created for those who currently cannot be approved for standard health insurance. This could mean declined from coverage, a major health issue such as cancer, or the carrier excludes conditions that normally would be covered if you did not already have it.
The program was having problems with their enrollment numbers up to May of 2011. This is when they called upon the agents to assist with the enrollment by offering a referral fee. After a dramatic push by the agents and exceeding expectations, PCIP decided to discontinue the referral program for the insurance agents. Like a bad blind date, after PCIP got what they wanted, they left the agents high and dry.
This is the power and expertise that insurance agents bring to the table. The PCIP knew this and took advantage of the agents and then cut it off. Some of the health insurance agents feel they will do the same once healthcare reform is fully implemented in 2014. This will leave the agents, again, high and dry. One agent has said, "You laugh, health insurance agents had to cut back to Ramen noodles to feed their families and insurance companies are wining and dining on Wall Street. Not so fast for the politicians, they get bonus points, if you will, for reelection by going with the job killing program." Pretty emotional statement, I must say. Many other agents feel the same way.
The PCIP was put in the healthcare reform bill in 2010. After struggling to get the program off the ground, they reached out to health insurance agents to achieve their enrollment goals. By the end of 2011, they reached a total enrollment of 48,879. This is more than double of the enrollments from the year prior with no incentive program for the health insurance agents. Thanks to the hard work from the health insurance agents, the PCIP program no longer needs their support.
The big question is, Do health insurance agents stand a chance against political power and the insurance companies beyond 2014? The industry may move to non-experienced order takers. Like a group of people willing to take minimum wage and health benefits. All of us may be going to McDonald's(R) or Burger King (R) to pick up a health insurance plan. Some of the industry experts may possibly move to a consultative business model and charge a fee for their services and expertise. It may add an additional cost to the employers, however, they know they will be getting the industries best advice based on their company's needs and wants.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Young Graduates Save Money With Short Term Insurance

Lots of promising young adults are graduating from college or high school this month. Among the many new responsibilities that many will need to deal with, health insurance can be one of the most important things. While they are eligible to maintain their current insurance plans with their parents, they may be able to keep all the coverage that they need without spending so much for their parents' medical insurance package.
The PPACA or Patient's Protection and Affordable Care Act that was passed by congress allows all children to stay on their parents' policy until they are 26 years old. This is great if they are sick and not eligible for another plan. The plans often are much more expensive than plans that they can get on their own. It would be worth considering shopping around for other individual policies to save money until they get established in an occupation. Once they get a job with benefits they can cancel any plan at any time with no penalty.
Most of the time young people are healthy and do not need the extra benefits that usually come with the family plan. There are policies for individuals that have as good of benefits as any other plan. The problem is that those plans cost so much more than the major medical plans with fewer bells and whistles. Generally when you get a plan from your employer you are required to accept the benefits that they choose or opt out of the coverage altogether. Employees generally can not pick and choose which benefits they will want to keep and which ones they could do without. If they get rid of the benefits that they might not use, they could save a lot of money each month.
Lots of young people won't go to the doctor unless they are extremely sick. Especially guys are this way. If you look at your medical history and have not been to a doctor for a check up in several years, then a co payment for a doctor visit might be something you could do without. The copayment for doctor visits and prescription drugs are nice, but they cost a lot of money each month if you are not going to the doctor or taking prescription medications.
For young and healthy people, the most important thing is to have the hospitalization, emergency room, and major surgeries covered. If you go to the doctor you can always pay out of your pocket for the visit. If they get into a car accident or other unforeseen tragic event that causes hospitalization for several days or weeks, that is what they will need covered. Short term insurance plans save money and provide coverage for these emergency major medical plans until they get benefits with a new employer in a new occupation.