Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Camp Kids Save Money With Short Term Health Insurance

The weather is warming up and kids are ready to be finished with school. Many are excited about their summer camps to play and have fun with their friends. Most of the camps available to them require that they have medical insurance coverage in case something happens and they get hospitalized. Many people have coverage through their parents or other. Some of them without insurance find that short term medical insurance plans offer the coverage that they are required to have without breaking the bank.
Some children with coverage might still need to find other plans. If they are on an HMO plan with a restricted network of doctors, the camp may not consider it enough insurance to cover them. This is an issue in many cases where the camp is in a different state or region than where they live.
It should be simple to get a regular health insurance plan for them. The problem is that since the congress passed the PPACA law, there are no longer plans available for children under the age of 18. They can get a plan, but they have to get a plan as a dependent on a parent's policy. Usually the parents already have coverage through an employer or a spouse. It can be very expensive to forgo the insurance from an employer just to get required coverage for a week long camp. It may be more expensive than the cost of the camp itself if you want to go this route.
Short term health insurance plans are available for kids under the age of 18. They are not guaranteed issue. If they have health problems they may not be eligible for these temporary insurance plans. But they are instant issue. So after a five minute application online, you will have your cards sent by email for you to submit to anyone who might want proof of coverage for enrollment in the camp. These plans are full major medical plans that are approved by the state's department of insurance just the same as any other plan. But since they do not have copayments for doctors visits and prescription drugs you will save a lot of money on the premium.
You can purchase these plans for as few as 30 days and coverage can start by midnight of the night that you apply. It is a perfect solution for people who need coverage for the camp. It is too bad that some insurance plans can cost more than the cost of the camp. But short term health insurance plans can be as low as 20-30 dollars for plans that qualify.

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